Which councillors are voting together?

In short, this is a map of council on spending issues right now.


If you want to know more, read on. We can build a matrix that shows all the different combinations between Councillors. Red shading shows low agreement between the pair, and green shading shows high agreement. There are a few different ways we can make sense of this.

budget matrix

 One way is to compare how councillors agree with the rest of council. When two councillors are on “opposite wavelengths,” the chart looks like this:



And when they’re on the same wavelength, it looks like this.


Initial research has identified two major coalitions on spending issues. This is Coalition A:



And this is Coalition B:



Keating, Jones, and Stevenson are swing votes right now. We can average the values above and present it this way:


For more information, please visit page 18 of The Democratic Toolbox 2.0.